Become Copain

Continuo, the alumni and personnel orchestra of Ghent University, has since its foundation in 2016 positioned itself on the map as one of the established Ghent University musical ensembles, organising concerts, providing musical intermezzos during Ghent University's functions and performing at other events. This would not be possible without the indispensable financial support of our "copains". In this way, they help Continuo to pursue its musical ambitions.

We treat our Continuo Copains to 4 tickets per year for the concerts in January and June, including a drink of choice at the reception afterwards. Of course this also includes reserved seats. As Copain, you are mentioned on our website and in the programs handed out at the concert. And finally, the whole orchestra is immeasurably grateful for your support!

We are fortunate to receive the backing of Rik van de Walle, who supports the orchestra as godfather of Continuo. You, too, can become Copain for one year. For €90, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits

  • 4 tickets
  • Reserved seats
  • Free drink
  • Gratefulness of the entire orchestra

If you wish to become our Copain and to help Continuo grow, feel free to fill in the registration form. Other donations are welcome as well, and we are open to discuss any benefits Continuo may provide you with.

Copains 2018:

  • Esther Coorevits
  • Katrien De Blauwe
  • Heidi De Moor
  • Anita Geyer
  • Frans Lipkens
  • Jelle Lipkens


  • Rik Van de Walle
  • Daniëlla Van den Berg
  • Isabel Van Driessche
  • Hendrik Van Maldeghem
  • Ann Vanassche
  • Jozef Verbeke